5 Quick Tips for a Better Business Card

By sbdceditor,

5 Quick Tips for a Better Business CardYour business card is often your second way to make a positive impression on people you meet, behind that smile and handshake you share.  This article is about behavior, specifically about the behavior of people to whom you give your business card.

Underlying this discussion is this fact: people who get a business card will look for your website address and, even before they call you, go to your site to get more information about who you are, what you do and how they might get benefits from knowing your business.

Make more of your business card with these 5 business card suggestions:

  1. Make it clean, neat and useful – business name, website, contact information and services should be easy to find on the card.
  2. One card, one business – do not try to save money (because cards are cheap) by combining two businesses or purposes on one card.
  3. Use images that make sense. I get a lot of cards with photos of the owner. “Why?”  Are you trying to convey that you are of the same gender, age, race or fashion?  Is that photo more important than what you do?
  4. Connect the look of your card to the look of your store, website and business storefront, so that people can recognize your logo, look and brand.
  5. If your business is incorporated, a limited liability company or partnership; your card should say so. Also use the right title for you so that people know they are dealing with an officer of a corporation or partnership.

The point here is your small business card conveys important messages, and serves as a gateway to those who want to do business with you.

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