Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic Has Your Back, Neck, and Everything Else

Dr. Tiffany Raith is proud to serve the chiropractic needs of the Desert Hot Springs community with her newly opened clinic. Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic is the first minority-owned chiropractic clinic in the Desert Hot Springs community, and Dr. Raith has experience treating all kinds of patients, from children to seniors, athletes, and regular joe’s alike.

At the beginning of her journey with the Coachella Valley SBDC, Dr. Raith was put in contact with Angela Janus, who would soon walk her through the processes of touring new facilities at Dr. Raith’s side, organizing paperwork for city certification, and laying out business plans. “If I didn’t know which department in the city to speak with, Angela would guide me. She has such a body of knowledge of financial planning, and she even researched chiropractic to help me through specific regulations. Not only did she research my specific field, but she also had answers to all my business questions.”

Read more about Dr. Raith’s experience both with the SBDC and in starting up her own business here.

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